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What Do the IAWTV and Abraham Lincoln Have in Common?

I was recently nominated for the International Academy of Web Television Board of Directors. This is actually my second time being nominated and the honor is just as powerful for me this second time as it was the first. However, time and experience has made my reasons for accepting this time around different [...]


IAWTV Town Hall Meeting – A Summary and Thoughts

The impetus for this blog entry was the fact that several IAWTV members had expressed disappointment at not being able to attend Wednesday night’s LA IAWTV Town Hall meeting. I quipped to Mercury Men and Captain Blasto creator Chris Preska that I would be his secretary and take notes for him (did you get your bagel yet, Chris?). During the actual meeting, I would periodically check my Twitter feed, just to see if there were any thoughts being posted about the meeting…and overwhelmingly, I saw members of the web entertainment community with a desire for information about what was being discussed. Some responded with comedy (yes, Milowent, it indeed WAS announced that you will be the next host of the Streamy Awards), some came with honest and important questions that they hoped someone in the room would read and get addressed by the Board.

This proved to me that there is a great need for the discussions and issues brought up in these meetings to make their way out into the internet community at large. It is not enough that we call for transparency within the IAWTV itself, but it needs to flow outward and beyond us. Michael Wayne, current Chairman of the IAWTV, was very clear in saying that the Board of Directors of the IAWTV is only there to serve the IAWTV as a whole. I think it is equally important to distinguish that the IAWTV in turn serves the entire internet community as a whole and we have a responsibility to them, just as the Board of Directors does to the IAWTV.