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Celebrate the Web 2: How Do YOU Want Us To Celebrate?

The night of and day after the first Celebrate the Web event last April, Kim Evey and I faced a very obvious question: is that it? I don’t know who asked it to the other first or if it was ever actually vocalized…but the clear answer we both had was: heck no!

The next step was deciding when to do the next installment of the event. We didn’t want to do it too often and have it only become another mixer. Don’t get us wrong, we love a big mixer, but the networking and hanging out was just a small element of what we want this event to be. Celebrations are special occasions, that should be met with a sense of anticipation. At the same time, we also wanted to keep the amazing momentum of camaraderie and inspiration the first event generated. We all wanted to feel that good again!

So Kim and I came up with a compromise: we’d like to do the event quarterly, with our next event coming up on July 15th (more details to come!). Four events a year would allow us to feature even more Streamy Award winners and nominees leading up to next year’s award season. Our second event will feature 2009 in addition to 2010 Streamy Award winners.


IAWTV Town Hall Meeting – A Summary and Thoughts

The impetus for this blog entry was the fact that several IAWTV members had expressed disappointment at not being able to attend Wednesday night’s LA IAWTV Town Hall meeting. I quipped to Mercury Men and Captain Blasto creator Chris Preska that I would be his secretary and take notes for him (did you get your bagel yet, Chris?). During the actual meeting, I would periodically check my Twitter feed, just to see if there were any thoughts being posted about the meeting…and overwhelmingly, I saw members of the web entertainment community with a desire for information about what was being discussed. Some responded with comedy (yes, Milowent, it indeed WAS announced that you will be the next host of the Streamy Awards), some came with honest and important questions that they hoped someone in the room would read and get addressed by the Board.

This proved to me that there is a great need for the discussions and issues brought up in these meetings to make their way out into the internet community at large. It is not enough that we call for transparency within the IAWTV itself, but it needs to flow outward and beyond us. Michael Wayne, current Chairman of the IAWTV, was very clear in saying that the Board of Directors of the IAWTV is only there to serve the IAWTV as a whole. I think it is equally important to distinguish that the IAWTV in turn serves the entire internet community as a whole and we have a responsibility to them, just as the Board of Directors does to the IAWTV.


Definitions of Rebuilding

I have been contemplating this post since I went to lunch today and came back to find things had seemed to go topsy-turvy for the umpteenth time in the last several weeks. Mostly I was contemplating if I would put something up at all. If anyone has noticed, my style isn’t normally to [...]


Post-Streamy Winners Get-Together and Celebration: Additional Details

Additional details about the Post-Streamy Celebration happening Thursday night.


Post-Streamy Winners Get Together and Celebration Thursday, April 15th

In response to a Streamy Awards ceremony that felt like it didn’t serve to fully honor the very deserving winners in all areas of web entertainment, Kim Evey (producer of The Guild) and myself have decided to put together an informal gathering of as many of the winners as are available this Thursday, April 15th for an evening of celebration. We have asked each winner to speak for 1 – 2 minutes on their creation and what working in web video means to them, why they love working in web video, as well as sharing thoughts on the issue of net neutrality, which effects our industry as a whole.

This is not about airing out greviences about the Streamy Awards ceremony, it is about celebrating those who were chosen by their peers as the best representations of web video in a variety of categories.


Musings on FYC, OR: Battle Royale – Streamys Edition

I have the ultimate solution to this problem: each web series nominated should select a representative who will fight in a battle royale. Last one left alive wins.


Jenni Bumps in the Night

There is nothing quite like a sexually suggestive title, is there? I assure you, for the most part, this entry with stay PG…or at the most PG-13.
I’ve had the distinct pleasure of picking up producing duties on the web series Bumps in the Night, which on our Facebook Page is listed as [...]


LG15: Outbreak…or Jenni Returns to Her Roots

Those who know me well know how I got started working in web video. For those who don’t know me that well, here is the Cliff’s Notes edition so you can now say you do know me well!
Back in 2006, a friend of mine had seen some videos on YouTube that were causing him [...]


Streamy Award Nominations: Round 3

Third round of nominations for the Streamy Awards.


Streamy Award Nominations: Round 2

My second round of Streamy Awards submissions…and some requests for suggestions!