It’s Not Marketing: It’s An Experience.

What is it about Digital Media that distinguishes it as a unique form of entertainment? It’s the ability to make personal connections to your audience. It’s what drew me to the space over fifteen years ago and it’s what keeps me passionate about working within it and motivates me to push the boundaries of what it can be and do.

Do you have a project needing to grow its community of followers? Do you want to create one-of-a-kind, lasting experiences that will establish a base of fiercely loyal viewers? Do you want your storytelling to expand beyond a narrative and into an adventure?

I can help, one transmedia experience at a time.

I am willing and ready to lend a hand at any level of your creative process, whether you have a great idea, a script ready to go into production, or even if you’ve already started your series roll-out.

What I can do for you is give personalized consulting in a wide-range of community building areas to design you a long-term, custom strategy to grow and maintain an audience for your project such as:
–Social media platform selection
–Building social media strategies
–Being your community ambassador
–ARG (Alternate Reality Game) design
–Press and blog outreach
–Event strategy (convention attendance, contests, etc.)
–Cultivating fan driven content
–Anointing of Superfans and audience cultivation

So if you’re ready to invest in making your digital project a true experience, let’s chat!