Okay IAWTV Board Elections: We Can Go On A Second Date

Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 7.32.34 AMFull Disclosure: I am the co-chair of the Communications Committee of the International Academy of Web Television as well as one of the candidates for election to the Board of Directors. However, the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

It was announced this morning that due to flaws discovered in the IAWTV online voting system for the Board of Directors elections, the current election process was nullified and a new election process will take place from the beginning. Though it is still too soon to tell how the membership as a whole is going to process this news, I can personally say that the news definitely came to me as a double-edged sword and I had to consider which side of the blade I would let cut the deepest.

Side one: as a candidate, the process of any election is a stressful one. If you are extremely passionate about what you are running for, which I am, you spend a considerable amount of time analyzing your every action and every word you put out into the world, because you want so badly for it to accurately portray yourself and and how you hope to serve the organization and the members of it. It’s an exhausting process on the first go-around, not to mention having to do it a second time wondering if you should/would change anything if you had it to do over again.

Which leads to side two: this is an opportunity, not a setback. This is only the second election process the IAWTV has gone through and this go around, several key issues became heavily discussed at points in time where it seemed they were being brought to light after-the-fact. The largest issue being the lack of candidate options from outside LA and NY or International candidates.

Obviously, the thing that should not change this time around is that the most qualified candidates should ultimately take office regardless of location. But perhaps someone in Omaha, Nebraska or Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales (yes, it’s a real place) is infinitely passionate about telling stories on the web, or editing content for the web, or sound designing for the web, and especially for seeing us work together to grow legitimacy for this space.

Now is your chance.

There are of course a lot more discussions that may spring out of this, including the fact that the flaws in the system were discovered in part by someone taking the time to try to cheat the system in the first place. That is indeed unfortunate and something that should make the organization wiser in the future but let’s not take this opportunity to focus on finger-pointing and witch-hunting and instead move forward to make our second go-around fairer and stronger. Not to mention get this Board fully-formed so we can all get back to work!

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